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So apparently I can’t take a journal with me to work anymore. This is the one I’ve take with me to work just write down ideas for stories or doodles for future projects. It’s grown mold!!!!!

New hair color bitchs!!!!! Don’t forget about cancer awareness.

Hey-o! It’s me again looking Hella sexy. Today’s a family day which means dressy clothes and alcohol. Also my sister’s baby shower so outfits abound. Selfie Sunday bitchs!

This is why I shouldn’t text after 10 pm

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Which brother do you think would want a curvier girl? One that's a bit bigger then April (2014) like big hips, big bum and boobs? Has a tummy
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I’ve written about this before where Raph likes squishing some belly fat on his girl and she’s like WHY and he’s like LEMME BITE DAT CHUBB IT’S CUTE ahhhh XD


Looks like sun burn. Feels like a sun burn. Not a sun burn. Allergic reaction to something I didn’t know I was allergic too. 5 min and it was down to my knees.

My dad and his coworkers did the Ice Bucket Challange. There daughters where all to happy to help. Me and him are in the middle.

Finished! I finished Jenny’s hat!!. *actually been finished for a while just been to lazy to post about it.*

So I get out of work at midnight and its kind of raining kind of not. The first words out of my radio. ‘Baby don’t worry even if thw sky is falling down’

maybe because I haven’t slept in 3 days but that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week.

Finished (ish)! Done with the hat for my baby niece. Just need to put the eye on.